The Refined Sugar Association was founded on 8th January 1891 for the purpose of establishing the Rules and Regulations required for the proper conduct of the white sugar trade in the United Kingdom and international markets.

The Association also provides a dispute resolution service to both members and non-members.

Rules and Contract Conditions

The Council of the Association is responsible for the framing of the Rules for the supervision of raw sugar cargoes in the United Kingdom and International ports. They are also responsible for framing the Rules and Contract conditions for the International Raw Trade. A copy of the Association's Rules and Regulations may be purchased from the Secretary upon request at the following rates:

All members collected from our offices 35
All members mailed to a UK address 40
All members airmailed abroad 45
Non-members collected from our offices 55
Non-members mailed to a UK address 57
Non-members airmailed abroad 65

We have discovered other websites offering RSA Rules for sale. Please note that RSA Rules may only be obtained from our offices and there is a free amendment service.


Companies throughout the world use the Association's dispute resolution service.


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 founded in 1891 to establish rules for the proper conduct of the white sugar trade

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